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Spasmatic Agony
March 31, 2014, 8:36 am
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60 and cloudy. Low 80’s through Thursday. Low 70’s Friday through Sunday. Good possibiliy of rain all week with the exception of Friday.

I declared a Clark Weekend War on Weeds. Spent a whole lot of hours in the front yard Friday digging up dandelions. Yep, it was just me and my spade. Dug up a ton of weeds and aerated my yard at the same time. Got a good head start on the weekend.

Woke up Saturday feeling good. Alex was still awake and was hungry so we went to McDonald’s for their steak-egg breakfast. Got home, sat down, and ate. Alex went to bed, I got up to again work in the front yard. My back tighened up when I stood up. Out of nowhere. I stood up and the muscles on both side of my lower back knotted up.

It wasn’t too bad, bothersome, but I figured I could stretch it out. The sky had clouded over so I changed my priorities. Scalped my front yard with the mower instead of doing any more digging. By then the clouds had disappeared. So, up on my roof I went. Cleaned out my gutters. I have two trees that overhang my roof and man, do they clog the gutters. That took about an hour of up and down the ladder and walking the roof.

My back didn’t loosen up at all. In fact it kept getting tighter. Moved my work indoors; washed, mopped, dishes, etc.

By 21:00 I was beat. Laid down with a heating bad under my back. That seemed to do the trick. By 21:30 I was feeling pretty good. By 21:45 I was nodding off.

And then . . .

My cuddling Weim heard a noise. He jumped up and started barking. I jerked from being hit in the back by my dog and the noise he was making.

Well . . .

That did it for my back. The muscles knotted up. Good thing I was sitting up, don’t think my legs would have supported me had I been standing. Took some meds and tried to go back to sleep. Didn’t work until around 04:00. Slept real good until 06:15.

So . . .

Yesterday I took it pretty easy. Went to Albertson’s grocery instead of my normal Kroger. I actually like Albertson’s better, but it’s 3 times as far and 1.5 times more expensive. however, the quality of pretty much everything is better; especially the fruit and veggies which is the reason I went the store.

I passed by the seafood section and noticed salmon on sale. Really nice looking. They were cut into steaks about 4 inches long. I planned on griling later, so I figured I’d try a couple of those steaks on the barbie. I ordered 3 of them. The lady said there was a limit of 2. Odd, but what the heck, the ribs and chicken were already in the cart so I knew I had plenty.

I was looking at the shrimp when they started wrapping 2 full sized salmon filets. Big filets. Now I know I have enough for dinner.

Didn’t do much work Sunday, but I did slow smoke a chicken and grilled some ribs. Both turned out great.

And surpisingly, the salmon turn out the best. Cut ine of the filets into 4 6 inch steaks, laid them on foil, and just let them smoke for 30 minutes or so. No seasoning, no turning, no nothing. Just mesquite smoke. Melt in your mouth delicious. Alex ate three of them, along with a 1/2 rack of ribs and some chicken, and some corn on the cob, a little bit of salad.

The boy was hungry.

Went to bed early last night. Heating pad on medium high. Didn’t help. Muscles kept spasming. Alex had been offering one of his muscle relaxers all day. I finally took one.

Helped as little until my Weim jumped up and barked again last night.

He spent the rest of the night outside.

Back is feeling better this morning, but I don’t think I’ll do too much more walking today. I only put 2 miles on before work. That may be it for today. I’m well past my 3-month goal for miles walked. I just may end the month due to spasmatic exstasy, or agony. Sometimes the two are tough to tell apart.


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