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Late, But Great
March 27, 2014, 9:12 am
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61 heavily overcast with rain likely. Forecast has changed. 85 tomorrow, but cooler on the weekend. Only 75 and sunny. I can live with that.

Kudos to my son who has worked out at the club for 3 consecutive nights. He also added biking to his regimen. That’s a big stride forward. He tried pedaling about 2 months ago and couldn’t even come close to getting his legs to move with enough freedom of motion.

I’m going to try to go with him now that’s he’s serious about it.

I got some good news today. I paid off a loan I had against my saving’s plan. My paycheck is now worth $138 dollars more.

But . . .

Last week I got a letter from my mortgage company. My house payment is going up $135 a month.

Bottom line: $6 a month more discretionary money. Or, put into a more meaningful term, 2 extra Shiners a month.

I sure did read an . . . interesting . . . Facebook post from a Pacific Northwest friend of mine.

I was late getting this blog written today. That’s because 3 of my last 5 work days have been extremely long, double-digit days.

So . . .

I started my day with a little extra workout time. I walked 10.03 miles this morning; an average if 17:45 minute miles.

Late start. Great Results!!


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