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March 25, 2014, 5:40 am
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Cool, but going to be sunny. Needed rain tomorrow.

I Facebook’d about a young child laughing while at Kroger. It was incredible. And you could tell why he enjoyed life so much. His mom was laughing right with him. He’d laugh. She’d laugh. Then they laughed together. Mom was very pregnant. I felt real good about the life her baby is going to be born into.

Alex has been gaining weight since his back surgery. So he decided to eat . . . not so much healthier . . . but less caloric.

So we spent most of our Kroger time in the fruit and veggies department. I usually fill up the cart, but there’s usually a lot of meat included. Yesterday was just the opposite; mostly veggies

And for those who were wondering, a full cart with veggies is as expensive as a full cart with meat.

I cooked some really good chili on Sunday. It’s one of those things that is better the second day. I had a very small bowl after work yesterday.

Well . . .

I meant to have only one small bowl. Wound up eating two big bowls. Yep, chili is even better the second day.


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I loved your comment about the little boy and his laughter. I know that I love being around my great niece so much because of her laughter. It can brighten my day at any time.

Fruits/veggies can be very expensive. I made a big salad for a pot luck a week or so and getting the veggies worked on the cash flow – but it was worth it.

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