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Not Quite What I Wanted
March 24, 2014, 5:54 am
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Upper 60’s today and tomorrow. Chilly and rain Wednesday. And then . . .

Mid to upper 70’s with lots of sun Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!!!!!

About time we had a nice weekend. Forecast called for rain and thunderstorms all weekend long. All we got was cold.

I was walking my shepherd before sunrise Saturday morning. Wasn’t a bad morning. My shepherd is absoloutely incredible. She loves to retrieve. Actually she loves to chase things. She doesn’t even mind bringing things back. It’s that dropping things . . . 🙂

Anyway, I found this piece of a limb that had been cut on both sides. Think a 4-inch Ding Dong . . . shame on you . . . I meant the ones made by Hostess.

Again, anyway . . . I threw the stick in a big field. She retrieved it a whole bunch of times. I then threw the stick into some heavy trees and brush. Yep, she brought the Ding dong stick back every time.

We were out for almost an hour when a cold front blew through. And blew through with enthusiasm. Went home before the predicted rain came. Never did. Just cold, windy, and cloudy all weekend long.

I put off several things counting on the weatherman to be correct.

How silly, right?

My favorite Chinese restaurant is open weekdays, closed weekends. But I got fried rice hungry Saturday. So I called in an order from a different place. It was good, but didn’t hit the spot.

Sunday, I got the same craving. Called still a different Chinese restaurant. The food was even better, but not quite what I wanted.

Chinese for lunch today . . . from my favorite place. The spot will be hit.


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Something must be in the air – I’m craving Chinese also. Fried rice – orange chicken and crab rangoon are what’s on my mind.

And I’m moving past your little joke about the stick……

Comment by Fran

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