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Wormy Grandpa
March 19, 2014, 8:01 am
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Old post that didn’t get published

76 today. 80 tomorrow. Cool front drops the highs 25 degrees on Wednesday.

Gratz to my niece and nephew on their wedding on Friday.

Alex went to the ceremony. He said it was real nice. Reception at my sister’s. Everyone went over to my nephew’s house afterward . . . except for Alex. He stayed with my sister. My son really, really like my sister and brother-in-law. And the feeling is mutual.

Yep, Alex could have had a couple of beers with his cousins, but by staying over night with my sister, he was served breakfast in bed. Not a bad way to wake up in the morning. He did text me to suggest that I should start following my sister’s lead. 🙂

Later that evening, the three of them went to their favorite restaurant, Superior Grill in Shreveport, LA. I’ve blogged about that place before. Without a doubt, the best fajitas I’ve ever eaten. Nothing else even comes close. The plan was to get there at 5:00 pm. Interstate 20 was shut down causing them not to arrive till 6:15.

That’s way too late. The owner and several of the waiters know my sister and b-i-l, so they get special treatment. Very special treatment. They only had to wait about 20 minutes. Not bad considering the restaurant was packed. The outdoor patio was packed – standing room only. And people waiting in line out the door, up the stairs, down the sidewalk and into the parking lot.

Incredible the amount of business this place does. They have police directing traffic on the streets around the restaurant. Sure wish they would open a place near my house.

And to top the night, after the fajitas, they went to another Mexican restaurant for dessert, Tres Leches cake. A milk, whipped cream cake. My sister makes a special trip after Superior for that cake. And Alex said it was worth it. He’s never tasted anything like it before.

Now what has not been said, is that I had the house to myself all weekend long. Can’t remember the last time that happened. And I took advantage of it. Beyond the everyday work, dishes, laundry, animals, I did nothing at all.

It was a nice, relaxing 2 days.

For the last couple of weeks my lower left leg had been itchy. I had what looked like ant bites, or something. Well after Thursday’s 20 mile, I took off my calf-high socks. My leg looked bad. All red and irritated.

And swollen.

In a particular pattern.

Alex looked at it and said, “You have ring worm!”

And sure enough, that pattern had turned into a circle . . . or . . . more correctly, a ring.

Alex made a call to a nurse friend (those are real nice to have, by the way). She suggested an antifungal cream. Fortunately I had some RX strength cream in my medicine cabinet. Started treatment Thursday. By Sunday it was mostly gone. Very little sign of it this morning.

Remember me saying I had the house alone. Remember me saying I did some laundry Remember me saying it was cold Saturday night OK, I didn’t say that, but it was.

So anyway, I was doing laundry late Saturday and it was pretty chilly in the house. All my exercise shorts and underwear were in the washing machine, including the pair I had just been wearing. I had already finished with Alex’s clothes, so I put on a pair of Alex’s boxers. I never wear boxers.

And like I mentioned, it was cold in my house, so I put on a flannel shirt.

And there I was . . .

A wormy leg, wearing boxers and a flannel shirt. I happened to look in a mirror and thought . . . Good Gosh! I’ve turned into my grandpa. 🙂


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That was good for a mid day chuckle…….

Glad Alex had some boxers for you since I thought your normal mode was commando. That would have been even more “Grandpa-ish”…… flannel shirt and wormy leg and everything else in the breeze.

Comment by Fran

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