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Fell Down……Went Boom!
April 12, 2015, 2:35 pm
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I was really pooped Friday afternoon.  Decided to run the block, 0.44 miles. 

I struggled. I mean really struggled.  I got 3/4 of the way through and noticed that one of my neighbors was getting some work done on their back yard.  

I looked away for just a moment. Of course that would be the moment the sidewalk had an uneven spot.  

Yep, struggling so I wasn’t picking my feet up high enough. Tripped and fell. Took a couple of layers of skin off the inside of my left thumb and a couple of burns on my right knee. 

Fortunately no one was looking. That would have hurt. And a good thing…. I can still tuck and roll.  Dropped my right shoulder and wound up sitting on my butt. 

Win – Win
April 6, 2015, 9:09 am
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Been raining on and off for 30 hours.  Clouds get blown away around noon.  Mid-80;s  till Friday with a good chance of rain both Wednesday and Thursday.

My theory of betting is 3-fold:

Bet a little on a team I think will win.

Bet a little against a team I think will lose.

and . . .

Bet a lot on a game when I think one team will win and the other will lose.  Mind you my definition of a little is a couple of bucks, and a lot is $10.

But last night the star aligned.  St. Louis against the Cubs.  Wainwright throwing for St. Louis.  John Lester opened after his off season move to Chicago.  Lester is good . . . but it’s still the Cubs.  Their shortstop is questionable in the field and their right fielder is basically an unproven rookie; lots of power, but . . .

Both those deficiencies came into play last night as the Cars blanked the Cubs 3-0.

I actually put serious money on this game; 30 whole dollars..

It was a nice win for me.

I’m now at a new high dollar mark.  It’s enough to make some futures baseball bet that Alex is predicting ie.,  Rookie of the Year, NL Champs, World Series Champs, etc.

My run with the NCAA is over.  After being in the top 10,000, I’ve dropped to just over 2 millionth.  And it’s not going to get any better.  I didn’t pick either of the Final teams.

Time Change
April 2, 2015, 10:52 pm
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i made the mistake of reading my blogs from a couple of months ago.  It was Mistake.   Way too negative. So I decided to quit blogging until  things got better


Things don’t get better, you make them better.  And that’s what I’ve beeen doing all month.  Yeah, it’s only the second, but I’m on a roll 


I ran a mile today. First time since before thanksgiving. Amazing what kind of boost that was to my ego. 

Tomorrow I go for two miles. 

I think it’s ’cause of my brother. He’s lost 40 pounds since the first of the year and added 10 pounds in muscle.  If he can do it…. I can too

Friendly competition until I go roaring past him. Then it’s a laughter. ;)

Facebook!!!!!   Sometimes….
April 2, 2015, 8:34 am
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Warm, windy and very humid.  We had 2 chances for storms yesterday.  Neither one showed up.  Lots of energy on the air. Lots of rolling thunder.  8 drops of rain….. total.  

I got a notice from Facebook Tuesday that it was my Brother-in-Law’s dad’s birthday.  

I’ve known the gentleman for 30 years. One of the nicest people I ever met. 

The problem with the birthday reminder?????????

He passed away a couple of months ago.  Pretty sad when his smiling face popped up on the screen suggesting I send him Happy Birthday wishes…….which I did…… just not using Facebook. 

Early Stick
April 1, 2015, 6:59 am
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I took an early, long lunch yesterday before I collaborated with my co-worker.  It was sunny, 85 degrees with a light breeze.  After the chilly, wet winter and spring, it was just too nice to stay inside.  So I worked via phone contact.

I have an ‘island’ in my front yard.  It’s an elevated oval 20+ feet wide and 12+ feet deep.  I have a couple of bushes in the back of the island and I usually decorate the front of it.

But . . .

Before I started planting, I dug it out and put a weed screen down.  Took over an hour even though a lot of what I moved was mulch.  Finally got it done and done right.  That always takes  little longer.  I have planters that I put in the island. Right now there are 5 of them, all filled with marigolds.  I have another 7 that I’ll fill up when my local nursery has a sale on flowers that I like.

The addition to the island this year is a bird feeder.  I put it up Monday.  Yesterday I put 80 pounds of polished rocks at the base of the feeder.  That added some much needed color and between the weed screen and the rocks hopefully I won’t have any growth from the bird seeds.  I was wondering when the birds would find the feeder.  If all that chattering around me as I worked on the island was any indication, they know it’s there.

Will is back living with us.  He called Alex the other night and said, No questions, just come get me.”  He walked into the house with both arms bleeding from longs jagged scratches.  Seems his girlfriend got into a fight with him.

He brought his stuff with him which means I have 4 dogs, 2 ferrets and now 2 cats.

Will started work today.  He’s a cook and The Egg And I.  Left the house at 04.30 to be at work at 05:00.  I don’t think he’ll cause any problems, he’ll be too tired.   :)

I do have to go to Sam’s today:  Two fifty pound bag of dry dog food, 48 cans of Alpo, 16 pound box of dog bones and . . . . hmmm, I wonder if Sam’s carries a 200 pound box of cat litter??????

Sticking It
March 31, 2015, 1:44 pm
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Sunny and 87. Absolutely gorgeous. 

My company announced a retirement incentive earlier this year. Today is the last day for everyone taking it.  

I was so close. So very close, but just couldn’t.  But man, was it tempting. 

The following will fit in if you just bear with me. 

My upper management blows on the wind. 5 years ago:  work from the house as much as you can, please. (That way we can use shared cubicles.). A lot of people took them up on that offer. 

2 years ago: we need all those people who work at home to start working from their offices.  A lot of people had to take them up on that offer. 

This year:  we’re kind of running out of office space so you can work from house.  BUT you have to come into a company building once a week. We prefer it to be your office, but not required. 

Latest logic:  so we can collaborate with our co-workers.  My co-workers are in Georgia, Illinois, Wisconsin, Oregon, California….. which bring me to Steve. 

He’s my co-worker.  Live in San Diego.  Has a boat. Has sailed all over. 

He took the offer.  He’s gone!!!!!

So….. What do you do when a fellow teammate retires?  Yep, you make it a company event and toast him. 

My company messaging status:  unavailable – celebrating Steve’s last day. 

So….. Here I am at my local sports bar at 14:00 drinking a beer with Steve……remotely.  After all, it’s the thought that counts.


Sometimes that thought is:  occasionally, you have to stick it to the man. :)

Bang Bang!
March 30, 2015, 8:59 am
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Incredible weekend, but I’ll blog about that later.

Alex and I noticed a moving, very bright light shine through our windows Saturday night.  Walked outside and saw a patrol car with its searchlight on going down the street.  Got to the end of the block and U’d it.  Came back while we were till outside.  He asked us over to his vehicle and showed us a picture of a guy on his computer monitor.

The guy lived at the corner of our neighborhood almost a 1/2 mile away.  Seems like he got into an argument with his girlfriend, walked out into his front yard and shot a gun a couple of times into the air.

Jeez, we used to live in such a quiet neighborhood.


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