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April 23, 2014, 7:20 am
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87 for the high today. We hit 91 on Sunday.

My internet and cable are both out. AT&T Uverse to be specific. Not only that, but my Yahoo email account is locked out. Looks like it’s going to be a day full of trying to get my online life back together.

Needed to get out of the house yesterday. So I asked Alex to go with me. Probably going to start going out on my own. I love my son to death, but his constant notification that his back hurts is beginning to be too much.

I grew up with an aunt who complained all the time. And I mean all the time. She couldn’t go more than 5 minutes without talking about her sour stomack, or her headache, or how her legs were so sore, and on and on and on.

Promised myself that I would never hang around somebody like that again. That lasted for a good long while, but came to a screaching halt during the last 6 years of my previous marital status change.

I know Alex’s back hurts, but this is the same guy that can sit and play video games for hours in the same chair that hurt his back earlier in the day.

Kind of hard to get a true feel of the situation when I get mixed signals all day long.

So, I’ll probably be eating out alone for a while. Take tonight for instance. I’m going solo-mudbug’ing.

Oops I did it again, again.
April 22, 2014, 9:26 am
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Woke up at 05:30. Took a shower. Fell asleep for a couple of hours.

Nyquil Dreams
April 21, 2014, 7:26 am
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64 going to 84 with a chance of rain. Mid to upper 80′s for the next 7 days.

Need to get back to my diet. And back to my walking.

Thusday Alex and I had dinner with my sister ansd b-i-l. We ate a great seafood restaurant; Pappadeux’s. I didn’t get my normal meal. Instead I chose a mixed seafood grill. It was healthier, but I had a huge amount seafood sitting on the plate.

I went out Friday night. Tried a new place; Dodie’s Seafood Grill. We sat outside on the patio.

And . . .

I had my first raw oyster. Yep, Wild Man had never had one before. I was actually serious about . . . expanding.

The crawfish that I had was good, but not like me brother’s. He cooks the bugs in seasoned water. That makes all the difference.

Afterward we ended up at an upscale bar in downtown Plano. That’s the town adjacent to where I live. They have a 6-square block historic downtown area. Lots of eateries and bars. Lots of people are always there. Not many places to park. So we drove around the square twice. Finally found a place across the street and down the block. On the way to the bar we were heading to, we saw a wedding party. After some pictures the bride and groom got into the back of a vintage Bentley and were driven off.

Nice way to travel.

After a couple of drinks, I ordered the cheese tray. Yes, with all the great fried food at the place, I ordered cheese. It was really good, smoked gouda, brie, with smoked salmon and accompanying sides.

Halfway through the cheese a big bus, and I mean big bus, stopped in front of the bar. 40-50 people exited . . .

. . . all dressed in Easter Bunny theme costumes . . . except the one hairy-chested guy who wore an open Viking fur vest.

1/2 of them walked into our bar.

And . . .

I couldn’t stand it. I have an insatiable curiosity combined with the fact that I’m not shy, I find out a lot of things.

They were part of a 4-year-old club called the Dallas Bunny Rampage. They rented a bus in downtown Dallas and went bar hopping for 6 hours. Plano was one of their stops.

Man, they had fun. I Google’d them. Sure enough . . .

Wonder if they’re taking new members? ;)

And I continued with my wild man change. After my first 8% beer, I had a Summer Gin; gin, grapefruit, and other fruit juices. Sissy drink, but it was good.

Saturday I mowed. Mowed the backyard. Mowed the side yard. Mowed the front yard. I also tilled the front flower bed. All by 12:00. The rest of the day was consumed by watching basketball. Sunday was a full sports watching day. The Rangers got ripped. The Mavs lost a game that they should have run.

I put on our ham and corn and beans around 06:00 Easter morning. They simmered all day. Cooked some cornbread. All came together really well.

Speaking of food, I slow-smoked some chicken while I mowed on Saturday. I only checked them once when I add some more mesquite. Pulled them off. And they were perfect. Man, did I luck out.

The puppy is getting big. Pretty much because he’s sharing all my food. He’s really, really good at sharing my stuff.

Couldn’t sleep last night and didn’t want to take an Ambien, so I guzzled some Nyquil. It puts me to sleep, but I usually have odd dreams. Never anything too bad, but never good. Dreamed a lot, but I can pnly remember looking for something that I couldn’t find, and watching some fireworks from a balcony. A firework shell went high into the sky then burst into 6 subshells(???) which were then supposed to explode. But they didn’t. One of them came right at me. I knew it was over. Just before the shell got to me, I thought, Dang.

Nyquil makes for bad dreams.

April 18, 2014, 6:37 am
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57 to 77 and then mid-80′s the foreseeable future.

And even better news, the weekend rain has been removed from the forecast.

That means I’m going to get a really good farmer’s tan. My yard looks awful. Last weekend’s rain has all my weeds in a growing frenzy. Maybe I’ll get to the fence, but I’m not sure. The yard is going to require all Saturday. I guess it just depends how my muscles feel when I wake up Sunday.

My sister made a surpise visit yesterday. They decided to see the Rangers play. Forecast called for 70 and sunny. It was 57 and drizzling. Fortuntately they were able to get into one of the ‘club’ areas. And with the Rangers winning, they had a good trip.

We met for dinner afterwards. Always enjoy our get togethers.

Alex has a lot to do this morning. He must have slept really good. Must not have heard the puppy barking to go outside. Must not have heard him 3 different times. Yep, Alex has a lot to do this morning.

Speaking of the puppy, my sister fell in love . . . immediately. The puppy ran over to her. She picked him up, held him belly-up, and petted him for a long time. It was love at first site.

I’m going out tonight. Actually late this afternoon. Trying a new restaurant. Going to get there around 16:30. The place is located in one of the busiest areas around. Lots of good places to eat. Lots and lots of people taking advantage of the different types of food.

Well, that covers today’s blog. Happy Easter!!!!!

Finally It’s Here To Stay
April 17, 2014, 8:09 am
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63 going to 70. 78 tomorrow.

And then . . .

80′s for the foreseeable future. I think summer is finally here to stay.

Work has been ridiculous. Old boss, interim boss, new boss all want things. All at the same time. Things should slow down next week.

Sleep schedule has changed. Normally I’m early to bed, early to rise. Much too early in a lot of cases. But for the last 3 weeks I’ve been up late at night. I still wake up around 05:00. But now I fall back to sleep, usually till after 07:00.

Not sure I like the change. I usually get most of my work done by noon. Now I have to stay at work till 16:00. Pretty sure I prefer getting off by 14:00.

We had a big storm with lots of wind blow through last weekend. Broke one of my fence posts. I know what I’m going to be doing Saturday. Actually, I’ll be replacing two sections. I’m changing out my wooden posts with metal ones. Going to leave the old concrete in. Putting the metal posts in the middle of wooden posts. All the metal posts will be 8′ apart when I’m done and no more wood posts to rot.

The puppy is getting big. He should with as much as he eats. Holy Cow! He consumes more than shepherd. Speaking of my shepherd, she’s quickly becoming the puppy’s favorite. Sammie loves to play. The puppy loves to play. It’s a good match.

She’s real easy with him, but ever once in a while I hear a puppy yelp. Watched them for a while. He yelps pretty easy. Falls down even easier. Then it starts all over again. For hours. And hours and hours.

My shepherd has slept really good for the last week. Tuesday night she hopped up on my bed, got close, and fell asleep. I read for another 2 hours. Fell asleep for 7 hours. Woke up. Shepherd never moved.

That puppy wears her out.

Totally Wasted
April 14, 2014, 7:54 am
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46-57-38. Those are the current, high and low temps for today. Way too cold for this time of year. Rain sure is nice though

Highs only in the mid-60′s for the rest of the week. Looks like a really nice Saturday and Sunday.

Both the Dallas Stars and the Dallas Mavs clinched playoff berths over the weekend.

The Endo’s visit went well. He did increase my Lipitor dosage, just as a precaution. Everything else looked good.

Our puppy-watching has been incredible. He’s the coolest dog I’ve been aroud for a long time. The cat still hates him, but hates him a little less than last week.

I had ample opportunity to workout for the last 4 days, but didn’t take advantage of it. Amazing how I get grumpy by just sitting on the couch. So today I get back into my regimen. It won’t be a wasted week like it was a wasted weekend.

2 Down and 1 To Go
April 11, 2014, 8:15 am
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66 going to 86. Cloudy and windy. Nice all weekend long.

My favorite nursery is having a big sale tomorrow. Going to get there early and pick up a bunch of flowers. That means all weekend in the front yard. Nice!

Alex trimmed the backyard’s red-tipped photinias. He did it differently than I always have and it looks great! The only one that didn’t like there new shape is my Weim. He can’t hide from my shepherd any more.

And speaking of dogs, we’re puppy sitting for Alex’s nurse friend. And the puppy is not just a puppy, but he’s almost full bred Artic Wolf. 12 weeks old and already huge. Which makes sense because dad weighs 150 and mom goes 115.

He’s the sweetest puppy I’ve met. Smart, strong and absolutely beautiful. I’ll try to post some Facebook pictures of him. The girl’s family was putting up a new fence to keep the puppy, but her dad is a baker and got injured at work. Alex’s friend showed my son the picture of his injure finger. Nasty. Bone cut all the was through. Finger hanging on by the skin.

We may be keeping the puppy longer than expected. Could be a while before dad starts to fence.

Saw 2 doctors yesterday. Both of them gave me the thumbs up. The Endo increased my Lipitor just because of my history. So, all I have left is my Cardio. I see him in June.


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