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3-Day Weekend
September 2, 2014, 1:52 pm
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And I took all 3 of them off. Hardly any exercise at all. Kind of felt good to recouperate.

I didn’t feel bad about it either. I put in a record 132.4 miles in August. It was also my fastest average mile time. Beat my former best by over 40 seconds a mile.

I did put in 10 miles today, so I’m on pace . . . but it’s only the 2’nd. :)

I have a friend with a new boss. Said he called in at 14:00 Friday. That would be 15:00 EDT. On a Friday. Before a long weekend. sigh

His company is all excited. They’re going to consolidate some of his hardware. He’ll finally have spares. They’re sooooo excited.


Not so much…….

No, he’s not so excited about having 15 year old hardware to replace . . . 15 year old hardware.

August 27, 2014, 6:32 am
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Only 95 a welcome break from the 100+ weekend.

Slept really good last night. Same routine, nothing different, but I got a really good night’s sleep.

This happened a month or two ago so forgive me if this is a repeat.

Got my hair cut at Super Cuts. 3 young, attractive stylists. 2 of them already working on a couple of really good looking guys about their own age.

The girl that cut my hair had this, Gee, I get the old look in her eyes.

About 5 minutes into my cut, and numerous envious looks at her co-workers, her stomach growled. And I mean GROWLED!!!!!

Everybody laughed but the old guy.

Sometimes karma bites you. Sometimes…… it just growls.

Not Much
August 26, 2014, 7:09 am
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103 yesterday. Only 99 today. The cooling trend continues through Saturday with a high of only 92.

I’ve been pretty stingy with my food lately. That would be the food that other people eat. One of the guys asked if I had any leftovers from sister’s on Sunday. Told him, Some, then continued with my unpacking knowing he was leaving in 10 minutes. I brought out the food and munched at the 11 minute mark.

Stopped by Regio’s Mesquite Grilled Chicken on my way home. Purchased a whole chicken with veggies. Left some of the veggies and 2 small pieces if chicken in the kitchen then put the rest of it in my bedroom. One of Alex’s friends asked me if Regio’s was any good. Told him it was great then headed to my room for dinner. Actually the chicken is just pretty good, but telling him that would not have furthered my agenda. :)

I haven’t cooked anything since last Friday. Don’t plan on any cooking today either. I’ll probably just drop by and get a little snack for myself.

We’re out of soft drinks, chips, Hot Pockets, frozen pizza . . . pretty much out of anything you can just pop in the microwave.

I believe the boys are beginning to remember my motto, “Nobody Stays Here For Free.” And that includes Alex. He’s been a little lazy lately.

Woke up to a little cleaner house this morning. When my place is spotless, I’ll start cooking again.

My strategy is working so good, I think I’ll copyright a new term:


Kind of has a ring to it.

Forgive The Typos.
August 25, 2014, 7:18 am
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Trying to get som exercise in while walking, so please excuse the typos.

I really, really needed to get away for a while. My sister really, really wanted me to cook her some ribs.

Sooooo, being the multitasking person I am, I visited my sister over the weekend.

The most incredibly relaxing time I’ve spent in ages.

I normally cook for 30 and this weekend was no different. Except there was just 3 of us. Ribs, steaks, chicken soup, salads, salsa. Once again it was incredible. As was the wine we tried.

And just to give you some idea of the proportions we’re talking about, my steak weighed 3.52 pounds.

At the end of the day, my sister and I sat and talked. I kind of had an out of body experience. I felt light, floating almost, as if I was as light as a feather.

Worried my sister. She wondered if I was ok. Heck, I was concerned. Then I realized, all the every day stress that I’ve been under was gone. I mean gone.

I’m not an outwardly spiritual person, but it wasn’t just my body that felt free

Nice feeling. I may visit my sister more often. ;)

Rock ‘n Roll…. Minus the Rock
August 19, 2014, 10:14 am
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Mid 70’s to upper 90’s till the weatherman can’t see no more.

I bought 2 pairs of walking running shoes a couple of weeks ago.  My normal Asics and a pair of Brooks.  Never owned a Brooks, but they have extra padding and I like the way they felt.

The only problem is, with the extra padding comes a slightly thicker sole.  That results with me occasionally stumbling when I drag my foot a little.  Usually happens when on my forward step.

Which is exactly what happened again yesterday.  I was walking on some sticky carpet and I didn’t pick my foot up enough before I landed it.   Happened before, but . . .

this time I knew I was going down.

and then . . .

The pre-fall slow motion  kicked in.  Think Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes.

 I saw the fall before it happened and actually decided on the following steps:

1) Toss the phone in my left hand away from the impact area.

2) Tuck my right shoulder.

3)  Roll smoothly

4) Get my feet under me.

5) Stand up to complete the roll.

Followed my plan.  Tossed, tucked, rolled, stood.  1 fluid motion.

Not bad for somebody who tripped over their own foot.   :)



Just Another Manic Monday
August 18, 2014, 8:36 am
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78 going to 99. Ditto for the next 6 days

Rained both Saturday and Sunday. Very nice weekend.

I was kind of upset that there was 1 piece of chicken left of the $60 dollars that I purchased Saturday afternoon . . . and that piece was eaten while I was showering.

So I went to BWW’s. I was seated at a table . Less than 3 minutes later I was asked to move to a booth to make room for a large party. No problem at all. I open the menu and this incredible mouthwatering picture of Ghost Pepper Wings on an insert fell out.

Is was an . . . insert.

There was also a card sitting on the table – – – Try our Ghost Pepper wings!

OK, you got me hooked.

I’ll have the Ghost Pepper wings.

“Sorry, we don’t sell them anymore.”

OK, not going to ruin ny already shaky day, I ordered the Atomic wings.

Drank a margarita with the wings, but my eyes keep going back to the inset. It also has a picture of a Ghost Pepper daiquiri. I don’t drink daiquiri. Heck, had to look up how to spell it.

But . . .

It looked so good.

So . . .

I’ll have a Ghost Pepper daquiri.
“Sorry, we don’t have any of that liquor. Would you like another margarita?”

Yes I would.
I would also like a to-go box.
And please have your manager drop my.

I had a nice little talk to Mike. Very easy going saying, you need to have the items that you advertise . . . especially when they are advertised on insert, not the actual menu.

Mike agrred and said, “I’m not making excuses, but . . . “

Then he started down the Excuse boulevard.

I interrupted him. Thanked him for listening. And went next door to give Matt’s a try. Huge margatias, but had a bitter flavor to them. So I added a little Orange
Liqueur. By the time the third one arrived, I had the recipe down pretty good.

I occasionally go out with a lady who’s in the same, “No Relationship” situation. We go out, we have a good time. I drop her off and leave.

The last couple of non-dates I was invited in.

It comforable the first time; a drink and a movie.
It was more comfortable the second time; a little physical, but nothing serious at all.
Thursday we went out to eat. Really great Italian place. But something was missing. Friendly, but no undertones of sexual tension, no hint of electricity.

She invited me to watch a movie, then sat there with her legs tightly crossed and both arms intertwined across her chest.

Doesn’t take a phych degree to interpret that body language.

So we sat there and tried to watch Anna Karenina. I’m not much of an artsy guy, but I can usually figure out symbolism and such. But this one went way past my ability to appreciate the numerous, twirls ans swirls before I sit, scenes.

The move left me cold, and there was nothing there that even resembled a warming flame, so I excused myself and left. My little ‘tease’ kiss goodnight went for naught.

We’ll probably go out again, but I’m pretty sure I’m just walking her to the door. Outside that door, I’m pretty sure I know what to do. Inside that door . . . I get confused . . . very confused.

Echocardiogram Technicians Get Frustrated Soooo Easily
August 14, 2014, 8:34 am
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During my routine heart exams, I got an echocardiogram. There was a big sign on the wall:

Please tell the technician if you are pregnant or think you are.

Please tell the technician if you are breast feeding.

Soooooo when the lady walked in, I told her that I was breast feeding last for about an hour.

She just looked at me with a combination of disgust and frustration and said, “Sir!!!!! That sign means if you’re the one doing the breast feeding!!!!!”

Sooooo I told her we did it that way for about 5 minutes, but I like the other a whole lot better.

She sort of stamped her foot. Made that noise Charlie Brown makes when Lucy pulls the football away at the last second, and then stormed out of the room.

Echocardiogram technicians sure do get upset easily.


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