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July 21, 2014, 7:05 am
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No blog because this is a, record-setting-through-ignorance day.

I’ll explain tomorrow.

Ewwww Again!
July 18, 2014, 7:29 am
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63 right now. That’s 5 degrees cooler than our lowest ever temperature for this date!

AM showers with a high of only 81. Quickly warming up to the mid-90′s starting on Sunday.

Worked from the house yesterday. I usually sneak in a little house work. Not yesterday. Very, very busy. I did get 5 loads of clothes done. Sounds like incompatible statements. Nope, all seven loads were bed clothing. 1 bedspread per load.

Still feeling a lot better. So, I have big plans for the weekend.

Long, long walk, run tomorrow followed by some serious tilling of my from yard. I’m going to tear up the lawn around the fast-expanding sod. Then I’m going to cover that area with mulch. No weeds. No dirt showing. Should make my lawn look better until the sod finishes filling in.

Even though I woke up at 01:00 this morning, I slept pretty good last night. First time in 4 nights. Coincidently, my Weim didn’t sleep with me last night. First time 4 nights.

My Golden got a lot of awwwwww’s on our way out of the groomer’s. She’s an incredibly pretty dog especially when freshly washed, cut and with purple ribbons in her hair.

I need to go to the grocery store today. I’m torn. I’m back down to 176. That’s real close to my tartget weight. Been working hard to get the number under 175. So, do I continue my weight watching or do I reward myself for doing such a good job, figuring I’m going to burn off all the extra calories this weeked?

Makes a difference of what I buy at the store.

You remember the dog poop the other day? Ewwwwww.


My Weim slept in the livingroom last night. That would be the room where I hung some clothes on a chair that I washed yesterday . . . including the jeans that I’m wearing. (OK, that was my 8′th load)

I was running late this morning. Got everything ready to go, then ran into the living room, threw on my jeans, and off to work. My car had a musty smell this morning. Not that unusual. It rained all day yesterday and I had a window cracked. Didn’t think anything more of it . . .

until I was sitting here at work, when . . .

I smelled that odor again. Odd. Then I noticed that one pant leg was still a little wet. Odd. I dried them realy good. And then . . .

I sniffed them . . .

Yep . . . my Weim had peed on my pants sometime last night.


Head, Head Start
July 17, 2014, 6:42 am
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78 going to only 84 with a good chance of rain.

It’s overcast and the concrete shows we’ve had a little drizzle already.  Better chance of rain this afternoon.

I moved to Texas prior to my Senior year in high school.  I don’t ever remember a July 17′th with a high 84.  104 yes. Not 84.

OK, short blog.

Started feeling much better yesterday.  Blood pressure is back to normal.  No BP spikes at all.  Discomfort completely gone.  I think it’s the new shoes. :)    No, not really.  I don’t believe the area around the bottom of my breast bone healed correctly.  I’m thinking I have a little hernia in that area and sometimes things move around a little and that’s what causing this issue I had for the last month.

I hung from a bar 2 days ago. Stretched myself out real good.  I didn’t feel anything move, but I sure feel a lot better.

I normally work from the house on Friday, in part, to get a head start on the weekend house work.

I’m at the house today.  That should give me a head, head start on my work.

July 16, 2014, 7:35 am
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71 degrees right now. Feels like an early April morning.

Took my Golden to the vet for her annual checkup and shots. Man, it’s a good thing I love her, cause that was expensive. But, she worth it. All the tests came out good. She’s gained 5 pounds and is now up to 88.

I talked to the vet about exercising her even though her back hips give her problems at times. I didn’t get the whole question out before she said, “Use it or lose it!”

Then she continued . . .

“My husband quit exercising. He’s gained weight and now falls down and sprained things.”

Perhaps I little too much info. :)

I already give my Golden glucosimine (sp?) so my vet also gave (OK, sold) me some pain meds for her. I got 60 of them, twice a day for 30 days. But, my Golden’s hip don’t bother her every day. She has a good week, then for the next day or two, she limps until her back legs loosen up. So, I figure I’ll only give her meds when she exhibits symptoms.

The week continues to be busy for my Golden. I dropped her off at the groomer’s this morning. They open at 07:15. I got there at 07:20. Waited while 3 other dogs were taken back. Three other dogs arrived while I was waiting.

I thinking about getting into the dog grooming business.

The Golden gets quite a bi of exercise with the other 3 dogs, especially the wolf, but she doesn’t move around a whole lot. So starting this evening she and I go for a walk. With the cooler weather and the shoter hair, she should do OK.

3 of the dogs slept with Alex last night. I opened his door at 07:00 and immediately walked away. That keeps me from getting caught up in the stampede. I let all the dogs outside then walked back down the hallway so I could close my son’s door.

As I got closer to his room, I noticed an . . . aroma. No, a smell. Actually a stench!

One of the dogs must have had an upset stomach. Left not 1, not 2. but 3 piles of diahrrea. I woke Alex up to let him know. He went, “Uhhhhh huhhhhhh” and his head immediately hit the pillow.

So . . . .
being the good dad that I am . . .

I left his door open and the hallway light on so hopefully he’ll see the doo-doo before he steps in it.


July 15, 2014, 7:34 am
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77 only going to 94 today.

Weather front came through yesterday evening. We got a nice little shower.

91 tomorrow then two amazing 70-83 days in a row. Good chance of rain both days. 83 degree highs in Texas? In mid-July? Whatever the reason . . . I LIKE it!

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about my ankles hurting a little bit at a 12 mile walk. Over-pronation.

It kind of kept me from my long walks for 2 weekends. Can’t have that for a number of reason including: stress relief, weight reduction, lengthy cardio elevation, etc.

So . . .

I went to a running speciality store, Run On. They took 30-40 minutes to observe, measure, and fit me. I talked with them the whole time. They repeated the same info my brother-in-law has told me. That would be my b-i-l who runs marathons and participates in Iron Mans, so I knew they knew what they were talking about. They showed me 2 shoes with added arch support. One was a Brooks that really felt good on my feet. A little stiffer than what I usually wear, but it felt right. The other was an Asics which is my favorite brand. Those shoes also felt great and was a little softer as I expected to be.

So, the choice is, which one?

Well, one of the pieces of advice that my b-i-l has mentioned and the Run On people echoed was, have two pair shoes and rotate your use of them on a daily basis. Better for your feet and will allow the shoes to last longer.

So, the choice was, both.

And that results in . . .

Me working out even more. I don’t mind spending money, but I do like to get my money’s worth. So, I’ll be on a mission.

OK, an insight I usually don’t share because people will think I’m strange . . . OK, stranger.

From the beginning of my memory I’ve always had this knack of occasionally knowing what’s going to happen. It’s a feeling I get. It isn’t always right. And sometimes the feeling comes too late – but I’ve learned to listen to it.

Here’s a little example. When I was in 9′th grade I had this dream (except I wasn’t sleeping) that I was running from a 2 storey white house with black shutters across an open field to my best friend’s house. The detail was incredible. It was like watching a movie. Everything was crystal clear.

Two years later we moved to Wisconsin. Immediately made a new best friend, Joe.

First day in the new house I ran over to Joe’s house. That would be our 2-storey white house with black shutters. And where did Joe live? Well, it was across from an open field from my house.

I got half-way across the field when I remembered that dream. Still recall the cold chills.

Anyway, as I have grown older the feelings have gotten farther apart, but I still always listen to them.

For instance, yesterday I went to Panera’s for an early lunch. The restaurant sits on a corner of a 4-way intersection within a parking lot. There was an empty spot just down from the store . . . but it just didn’t feel right. Like it was dangerous or something. I drove past it and pulled into a spot 40 feet away.

Walked into Panera’s, ordered my food, took about 8 minutes, walked out and . . .

2 groups of people discussing a little accident they just had. Seems like a guy ran the Stop sign and hit a lady who was backing out . . . of the parking spot that I passed up.

Yeah, I got that chill running through my body again yesterday.

July 14, 2014, 6:46 am
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82 going to a very hot 102.

However, a long term cool front comes through this evening leading to highs of only 90 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Extremely pleasant Thursday and Friday with highs only reaching 84. Chance of rain tomorrow through Friday evening.

Finished up the FIFA World Cup by watching Germany beat Argentina 1-0 in extra time. I usually find soccer boring . . . way too much mid-field play, but a lot of the WC games were exciting. I still won’t watch the Dallas MLS team, but I’ll be glued to Buffalo Wild Wings’ TV’s 4 years from now.

The Mavs should be a considerable better team this year. The got Tyson Chandler back which improves their defensive presence in the paint. Dallas also picked up Chandler Parsons. He’a a forward that should help Dirk open things up on the offense.

The Rangers dropped their 8′th straight getting swept in back to back series against the Astros and Angels. You know you’re rooting for a bad team when they have 2 less wins than the Cubs.

Thanks to my nephew for helping Alex fix 2 flat tires. And all it costs me was a rack of ribs and a baked potato. We both thought it was a win-win situation.

While we were eating, my nephew and I talked about his part-time work plans while he goes to welding school. He’s thinking about getting on with a Car Rescue company. He looked into and all he needs is a floor jack.

We talked about for 20 minutes.

30 minutes after he left, I get a phone call. My nephew’s back tire blew and he didn’t have his jack with him. I just left the house when he called me back saying a Car Rescue unit stopped and was helping him.

We talked about a floor jack, we talked about Car Rescue and both came into play within the hour.

My nephew and I both agree, the next time we get together . . . we talk about winning the lottery.

I Don’t Need This Crap!
July 13, 2014, 10:06 am
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Ok, even I have to vent once in a while.  So just ignore this blog.


Got a call from someone that I’m under court order not to disparage, but there’s no judgment here, only observation. 


Got a call (3 of them + texts)  this morning concerning the same topic I blogged about several weeks ago – Somebody being a good parent.

This conversation continued along the same vain, how terrible Alex talked to her on her birthday last month . . . .

uhh . . . .

Her birthday is later on this month.

She’s changed so much for the better  . . .

Followed by . . .

Alex stole pain pills and sold them . . .

That would have been when he was in jr. high.

Followed by . . .

Alex has no respect for her.

(Oh, by the way, several years ago . . . I threw away over 800  old hydrocodone pills along with a multitude of other pain meds – so I know nobody was selling them)

She wants someone to “whoop Alex’s ass” and accuses him of stealing pain meds . . . and he has no respect for her.

I don’t need the crap.  I’ve taken Xanax for the last 3 weeks because of work causing me chest pains – anxiety.  Never had to do that before  . . . and now this.

I’m going to the beer store when they open at noon and getting a keg . . . anybody want to help me float it?


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