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Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign
October 17, 2014, 9:40 am
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Mid-50 mornings to 80 degree afternoons.  My favorite time of year.

Cardinals lost in the NLCS last night.  They just didn’t play well enough to win.  At least KC made it to the World’s Series.

I lost two bets last night; Hokies didn’t quite play good enough and the Jets played too good.  Fortunately, I wasn’t confident and only wager $3 total.

Last year about this time, Alex and his friend Josh applied at Toys ‘R Us.  They applied at the store in Allen which is just north of us.  Josh got hired, Alex didn’t.  Josh lasted almost a week on the job.

Anyway, Alex gets a call from the Toy’s HR hiring manager on Wednesday.  Can he be at the store at 2:00pm Thursday.  Well, sure he can.  Gets to the interview 5 minutes early and asks for the hiring manager.  The store owner happened to be there.  Young guy in his 30’s.  Alex explains what’s going on.

The guy makes a phone call. The HR hiring manager works out the Toys in Frisco about 15 miles away.  Alex explains to the guy that the HP person didn’t tell him which store so he assumed that it was at the store where he submitted the application.  My son then asks to speak to the HR person to explain what happened and could he postpone the interview 30 minutes so he can drive to Frisco.  The Allen owner gets back on the phone and goes . . . . uh uh . . . uh uh . . . uh uh . . . OK, thanks.

Turns to Alex and informs him the HR manager isn’t in the office today.

Alex if pretty disheartened and a bit disgusted.  He thanks the owner and starts to walk away.

The owner feels bad for my son and asks him to go back into his office.  They begin to talk.

The owner went to Richland college.  Alex went to Richland college.

The owner pitched on their baseball tea.  Alex pitched for their baseball team.

The owner played for the Grand Prairie Air Hogs.  Alex tried out for the Air Hogs.

(signs, signs, everywhere a sign)

The owner said he’d talk to the HR manager and get him assign to his store in Allen.

Good One
September 22, 2014, 7:49 pm
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Only in Texas. Yesterday the weatherman said. Cold Front comes through tonight. High tomorrow only 86

Inconsistent Blogs
September 16, 2014, 7:18 am
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Slowly warming to the low 90’s today and tomorrow then cloudy and a little cooler the rest of the week.

We have a chance of rain starting tomorrow and going through the weekend. Why all the chances?  Seems like there is a hurricane, technically it’s a typhoon, heading into northwestern Mexico.  That’s bringing a lot of clouds our way.  Hence the chance of rain.

Got some things going on, but it’s too early to blog about them.  I’ll keep my blog update.

Regardless of how things turn out, good things are already happening.  You know how I’m always talking about weight?  Well, now a have really good reason to do so.  I’ve been at 180 for too long.  That’s what I weighed yesterday morning.  Been ‘boot camp training’ ever since.   I know that only 2 days, but that’s 1/7 of my 2-week plan.

Didn’t sit down much at all yesterday.  I woke early up early, 04:30.  It was drizzling a little so I went to the club.  Did 4.19 miles on the treadmill.  3.56 miles at lunch and 2.83 after work.  In between I mowed the front yard, cleaned – really cleaned- the kitchen, cleaned out the cat box and ferret cage, 4 loads of clothes.  Stay active till after 17:00.  Laid down early, 19:15 which just happened to be the start time of Monday night football.

I was pooped, but that didn’t matter to the wolf or my shepherd.  We played through the first half.  we all dosed off at 1/2 time.   Unfortunately, the wolf woke up mid-way through the second half.  I finally put them outside at 22:00.

Slept pretty good till 04:30 this morning.  No drizzling so I walked/jogged outside.  I went 5.18 miles in 1:14:34.  That’s 14:24 / mile.  Not too bad considering i went over 10 mikes yesterday.

So what am I getting at?

I want to average a 1 pound per day weight loss.  Yep, 165 before the end of September.  But this time I’m going to make it.  Most of it due to the things I’m not talking about it yet.  Let’s just say I have a lot of outside motivation.

So here goes.

09/15/14 @ 04:30 = 179.9

09/16/14 @ 04:30 = 176.7   (172.6 after the run)

The blog is going to be spotty for a while. Pretty much going to spend all my time walking or lifting or core workout.  ‘Cause it’s not just weight, it’s dropping some inches and firming some areas up.

Clearing My Mind
September 12, 2014, 11:37 am
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102 Wednesday. 78 today. 61 tonight.

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. It became distracting this morning, so I pushed away from my desk and went walking for an hour. Only went a little over 3 1/2 miles because I was keeping an eye on my business email.

Worked for an hour. Still distracted. So I went for another walk. Didn’t pay any attention to the time. I eventually worked some stuff out.

Looked at my pedometer; 3 hours, a little over 10 1/2 miles

I totaled 14.14

I would have felt guilty, but early this morning, my boss scheduled a Friday afternoon conference call

Assuaged all my guilt.

My Native American Name
September 9, 2014, 7:26 am
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Cooler this week with an incredible Thursday forecasted.

Ok. I’m old. Lots of downside to aging. But there is a bright side. I get to be grouchy. In fact, it’s expected. So keep that in mind as you continue reading.

I really hate political correctness. There’s no such thing as the right not to be offended. This is America. You’re free to be offended about anything you want.

Anyway, a friend of mine was going through his yearly check of personal information for his employer.

Gender is still the same.
Birthday hasn’t changed
Ethnicity???????? Hmmmmmm

He had marked White, but noticed a wording change. 4’th one listed was, “Native American”. Used to be American Indian.”

My friend was born in the US. As were both his parents, and 4 grandparents, an his 8 grandparents. Sounded like a change was in order.

Ethnicity=Native American

Seems HR actually reads these things. My friend responded to an inquiry about the change.

He explained he wasn’t an American Indian, but he was a Native American because he was born here.

HR replied using the word ‘indigenous’

He replied with the Oxford dictionary’s definition of the word. Not only was my friend native, he was indigenous also.

Email talked about ancestry. His response, at least 3 generations of his forebearers were native to America

HR is taking his change under advisement.

Personally, i would prefer everyone in this country to refer to themselves as just, Americans. But I think Native American could wind up being a unifying term for us (US)

And until my friend here’s back from HR, I’d like for y’all to use my Native American name – Gary.

I’ve Been Waiting ForThis Moment All My Life . . . .
September 5, 2014, 8:56 am
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80 going to 98.

We actually have a 30% chance of rain both days this weekend.  That also drops the forecasted highs down to 92.  That’s very manageable.  I need a long run/walk in either tomorrow or Sunday.  I’d prefer outdoors rather than the gym, but we’ll have to wait and see.


Literally months ago I received notification that my laptop lease was being rolled over.  All I had to do was acknowledge the receipt of the new one and hit a website to schedule the rollover.  Did that, done that . . . months ago.

Several weeks later I started receiving nasty-grams about  making a rollover appointment.  Replied with my confirmation email that I already did that. 

Repeat the above 5 times.

Received nasty-grams reminding me that it was my responsibility to wipe the laptop’s disk drive.  Replied with, “Can’t do that.  The tech hasn’t rollover my old laptop yet.

Repeat the above 4 times.

Sent a 6’th email to desktop services.  Tech has not contacted me.

Several more emails over another month, still no tech.  And then lo and behold, I get a message Wednesday.  The tech will be at my office on Friday (today) at 11:00am for the rollover.  He will send an email that will automatically update my calendar. 


2 days later . . . no confirmation email.  However, I am in my official building at my designated office if the guy does show up.

After all, I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life.  Oh Lord, Oh lord.  :)


Ok, the following is confidential.

It’s been nearly a year since Alex’s s back surgery.  The recovery hasn’t progressed as well as he expected.  I tried pushing him.  I tried to get him to go to therapy that his doc has insisted on twice to no avail.  He’s pretty much been sitting in his room feeling sorry for himself.

I can understand a lot of that.  He’s lost out on his dream of pitching in pros.  Very, Very difficult to accept.  However, the kid has to move on and he’s not doing a good job of that.  He’s become more of a hermit playing games all night.  Falling asleep just before dawn.  Waking up after 14:00 complaining about being tired because he didn’t sleep.

Complains about everything. 

Now I know that’s mostly just his frustration coming out . . . but it had started to get old.  Real old considering I already have spent 8 years of my life listening to someone moan and groan, woe is me, and not do a single thing to help themselves . . . . And that’s even count my Aunt Marie . . . who I’ll blog about another time. :)

So anyway, Alex has been complaining about a mole on his back.  And quite simply, it looked bad.  I kept hearing how my son was going to make an appointment with our PCP and get it cut off.  I head that for a couple of months.

Finally I got tired of it and made him appointment for last week.  After moaning and groaning about it he finally went.  Doc agreed, it needed to be removed.  They set up another visit for Wednesday of this week.

After listening to some more groaning I hear, I guess I got to go, in his best sulky voice.

Wasn’t 10 minutes later I get a call from Alex.  He’d gotten pulled over by the police for an expired inspection sticker.

Man!  If dad hadn’t made me go . . .

Came home after the mole removal and stayed in his bed the rest of the day. 

Sometimes you just have to leave the boy alone.

Got a text from him yesterday around 09:30.  He talked to his friend who just got hired on doing car body detailing.  The kid (Josh) told Alex to come on up and he’d get hired.  So Alex makes the quick trip, talks to the general manager and was told . . . “Go home.  Put on some shorts on.  Your hired.”

Alex’s text to me, I got a job to pay off the ticket.

The boys came home together yesterday.  Alex was pumped!  He really enjoyed it.  Josh said the Alex’s immediate supervisor really likes him already.  Made a real good first impression. 

My son looked at me and said, “Won’t take me long to be promoted to manager.”

First time I’ve seen enthusiasm from him in a long while.  Was really good to see.  Looked like his back held up real good . . . at least till he noticed me noticing.  :)

Had I known . . . I would have called the police department on my son months ago to give him a ticket for . . . something.

3-Day Weekend
September 2, 2014, 1:52 pm
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And I took all 3 of them off. Hardly any exercise at all. Kind of felt good to recouperate.

I didn’t feel bad about it either. I put in a record 132.4 miles in August. It was also my fastest average mile time. Beat my former best by over 40 seconds a mile.

I did put in 10 miles today, so I’m on pace . . . but it’s only the 2’nd. :)

I have a friend with a new boss. Said he called in at 14:00 Friday. That would be 15:00 EDT. On a Friday. Before a long weekend. sigh

His company is all excited. They’re going to consolidate some of his hardware. He’ll finally have spares. They’re sooooo excited.


Not so much…….

No, he’s not so excited about having 15 year old hardware to replace . . . 15 year old hardware.


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